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July 19, 2024
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Pokemon Go fans dub Slumbering Sands the “gold standard” for events

It seems Pokemon Go’s Slumbering Sands event was a hit with many fans, as members of the community dub it the “gold standard” for in-game events.

There are plenty of events taking place throughout June 2024 in Pokemon Go, such as Spelunker’s Cove, Scorching Steps, and the now-past Slumbering Sands event.

For those who may have missed it, Slumbering Sands featured some of Pokemon’s most sleepy monsters including Komala, Slakoth, and Slowpoke.

Now that the event has officially come and gone, many trainers called it one of the best events in recent memory.

A post on TheSilphRoad subreddit titled, “Hope you didn’t sleep on Slumbering Sand,” sparked a discussion among the community, after the OP praised aspects of the event like the double catch XP bonus and boosted Shiny odds through Field Research.

Shiny Komala in Pokemon GO

Many in the comments agreed with the OP, such as one trainer who called it the “gold standard” of Pokemon Go events.

“This is pretty much the gold standard for events for me. A new Shiny, plus a new Shiny costume both found in research that was super common AND with tasks that were easy to do AND with boosted shiny rates.”

While some fans noted that the lack of PvE-centric Pokemon was disappointing, those trainers also agreed that was just about the only downside.

Slumbering Sands’ double catch XP bonus also made it a great event for those trainers trying to reach level 50.

Sadly, the community hasn’t been as gracious in its reception to the upcoming Scorching Steps event, with many dreading the grind of trying to hatch a Shiny Larvesta.

While Scorching Steps may be an event to skip, Spelunker’s Cove will feature the debut of Shiny Crabrawler as well as some interesting low-tier Raids. Hopefully, summer continues to be a good time for players to dive into Pokemon Go.

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