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July 18, 2024
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Vista Gold updates Mt Todd feasibility, showing higher NPV, costs

Compared to its previous study filed in February 2022, the new report shows an improved after-tax net present value (discounted at 5%) of $1.13 billion, up $131.5 million, and a similar internal rate of return at 20.4%.

The is calculated using a gold price of $1,800/oz. gold price and foreign exchange rate of 0.69, versus $1,600/oz. and 0.71 used two years ago.

At a higher gold price of $2,100 and a 0.66 foreign exchange rate, which the company believes are more reflective of current market conditions, the after-tax NPV of the project would rise to $1.88 billion, with an IRR of 29.6%.

The average all-in sustaining cost over an estimated 16-year mine life rose to $1,034/oz., compared to $928/oz. previously. Average cash costs also increased to $913/oz. from $817/oz.

Initial capital requirements of $1.03 billion are $138 million higher, which Vista says continues to reflect the use of a third-party owner/operator of the power plant at Mt Todd.

“Mt Todd is a robust project with strong leverage to the gold price. Project economics are approximately the same or slightly better than reported two years ago, inclusive of cost increases that have affected the entire gold mining sector,” Frederick Earnest, CEO of Vista Gold, commented.

He added that “these results do not change our strategy for Mt Todd,” and the company will continue to work with CIBC Capital Markets to identify and advance interest in the project.

Shares of Vista Gold jumped 6.4% to $0.50 by 3:15 p.m. ET in New York, for a market capitalization of $61 million.

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