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July 18, 2024
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The Book of Bitcoin and the Future of Alternative Investing

The Book of Bitcoin and the Future of Alternative Investing

It seems as if Bitcoin has been everywhere in the last few years. Since it was first launched in 2009, Bitcoin has upended the financial world. However, although many have found wild success with Bitcoin investing, many still do not understand how Bitcoin works and how they can get in on this type of alternative investment. 

Evander Smart, founder and professor at Bitcoin University and a Bitcoin community member for over a decade, realized a need for comprehensive education in alternative investing. “Bitcoin has gone from being just an idea to one of the top financial holdings in the world,” says Smart. He’s on a mission to teach the world about the future of money, not only through Bitcoin University but through “The Book of Bitcoin,” a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manual for anyone with questions about Bitcoin.

The Founding of Bitcoin University

After years of working as a banker on Wall Street and spending time in the Bitcoin community, Smart founded Bitcoin University to help people discover what Bitcoin could do for them and their financial futures. “We do one thing, and we do it very well: we teach people about the future of money,” says Smart. 

Through Bitcoin University, people without experience with Bitcoin can learn the ins and outs of initial investments. “Getting started is easy — and quick — if you know how,” says Smart, “People may not believe Bitcoin is for them, but it’s probably just right for them. They just need education.” 

Smart started Bitcoin University in 2015 and has taught many how to be savvy investors who reach their financial goals — and then some. “After starting Bitcoin University, you can learn how to create an incredibly powerful investment account in just a few minutes,” Smart explains.

The Book of Bitcoin 

In addition to Bitcoin University, Smart is opening up a world of financial security for people with “The Book of Bitcoin,” which reveals the secrets of successful Bitcoin investing in an accessible way. Through exclusive educational content, Smart breaks down answers to the tough questions about Bitcoin. The book tackles questions such as how Bitcoin gets its value, its effect on the environment, and the difference between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 

“This is where fake news, mainstream media, and private interests collide and produce misinformation classifications,” Smart wrote on NewsBreak, “Bitcoin started the space, and its technology is based upon cryptography or the tech behind securing information online, used in your bank account for generations. Bitcoin is an evolution of that tech and is now the most secure technology ever created, being protected by the largest computer network of all time, and growing.”

“The Book of Bitcoin” is based around a simple, conversational style that allows people with even the most cursory knowledge of Bitcoin to get started with investing. It is also an excellent resource for those who have already gotten started with Bitcoin and may need more direction.

The publication of the book comes at a remarkable time in Bitcoin’s history. Bitcoin more than doubled in value in 2023, a trend anticipated to persist into 2024. Bitcoin is also gaining recognition among well-known investment firms. In January 2024, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved 11 Bitcoin Spot ETFs, a significant win for Bitcoin proponents. With this approval, Bitcoin has become a more widely accepted investment option with people who had been reluctant in the past to move beyond traditional investments.

Together with Bitcoin University, Smart is offering an all-inclusive education opportunity on all things Bitcoin.

The Future of Alternative Investing 

Smart and his team are on the cutting edge of the wave of alternative investments. All signs point to alternative investing, with Bitcoin expanding as this type of investment becomes more integrated into traditional financial systems. Traditional investors are becoming more comfortable with Bitcoin as regulatory clarity and institutional adoption increase. 

Innovative financial products such as the newly approved Bitcoin Spot ETFs offer new avenues for investors to diversify their financial portfolios. While risk and volatility of the market still exist and will likely continue, careful consideration and risk management strategies on the part of investors can help them safely navigate the Bitcoin space. In addition, educational opportunities such as those offered through Bitcoin University and “The Book of Bitcoin” ease the minds of tentative investors.

Bitcoin continues to entice investors with its noteworthy returns and innovative investment opportunities. Education will remain paramount for investors looking to navigate the complexities of alternative investing. Evander Smart has offered his knowledge, gained over years immersed in the space, through Bitcoin University and “The Book of Bitcoin.” By staying informed, exercising diligence and risk management, and seeking professional guidance, investors can harness the potential of Bitcoin as a viable way to control the future of their finances.

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