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July 18, 2024
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Here’s XRP Potential Surge If Bitcoin Achieves $1M as Predicted by Bernstein

XRP could similarly enter unprecedented price territories if Bitcoin attains the $1 million that Bernstein analysts anticipate.

XRP has been stuck in a holding pattern, lingering just shy of the $0.50 mark for days. As of now, XRP is trading at $0.486, reflecting a modest loss of 1.08% in the last 24 hours. However, over the past month, XRP has bled a more substantial 8.35% of its value.

This lackluster performance extends its year-over-year trend, with investors holding XRP at a 4.66% loss since 2023. Meanwhile, XRP is hoped to be among the beneficiaries of a buoyant crypto market in which the premier asset, Bitcoin, trades at a $1 million price point.

Bitcoin Reaching $1M

Market watchers at billion-dollar asset manager Bernstein are among the latest industry pundits to forecast a $1 million value for Bitcoin. Their recent analysis suggested that the premier crypto could attain this ambitious threshold within the next nine years.

Meanwhile, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has voiced a more audacious timeline. During a podcast in May, Dorsey argued for a $1 million Bitcoin price within the next six years.

Notably, at a $1 million price, Bitcoin could command a market cap of $20 trillion. Given Bitcoin’s typical dominance of around 50%, this suggests that the overall cryptocurrency market, including leading altcoins like XRP, could reach a combined market cap of $20 trillion.

Essentially, XRP stands to benefit significantly from Bitcoin’s surge to $1 million. Accordingly, this raises the question of what XRP’s value might be in such a scenario.

XRP Price if Bitcoin Hits $1M

For Bitcoin to reach $1 million, it would need to increase by 1,456% from its current value of $64,246. If XRP experiences a similar percentage growth from its current price of $0.486, it would reach approximately $7.56. 

Notably, altcoins are known for often outperforming Bitcoin, meaning XRP could potentially exceed this projected growth if Bitcoin follows such a trajectory.

Prominent crypto community analysts dispute that it could take more than six years for XRP to reach $7.56. Optimistic voices like analyst EGRAG and crypto founder Nick predict that XRP could surpass $10 by next year. 

Some even argue that XRP might reach between $200 and $500 by 2030, though critics dismiss these projections as overly optimistic.

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