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July 18, 2024
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Hedge Funds Will Do Anything for This Research

…but you can access it today. Why follow the crowd or rely on headlines when you have LikeFolio in your corner?

Editor’s Note: In less than four hours, I will be sitting down with Landon Swan for a special event: The A.I. Earnings Predictor Summit. If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, you can do so by clicking here. But before the event starts, I want to share an article by Landon, where he talks more about his and his brother’s proprietary system that can give investors an edge on Wall Street. You can check it out below…


As the calendar turns to January, we all see a lot of predictions appear in the media.

How cold is this winter going to be?

Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

Which movie is going to win the Academy Award?

And, of course…

Is the stock market going to go up or down?

Do you remember the market predictions at the beginning of 2023?

Some of the best analysts in the world, the ones paid piles of money by Wall Street insiders, were singing in concert about the certainty of a recession.

It never happened.

Others were predicting a major bear market, with forecasts as low as 3200 for the S&P.

Not even close.

Mainstream media outlets love these stories because they make such great headlines… and they drive a lot of clicks.

For investors more interested in building wealth instead of getting attention from the crowd, these predictions are often useless… or worse.

They convince you to move your money in absolutely the wrong direction and cost you money in losing investments or sitting on the sidelines as others rack up big profits.

Anyone else miss Nvidia (NVDA) last year after predictions about a bear market?

People end up spending tons of time reading and worrying about lots of predictions and forecasts that end up being wrong.

But there is an alternative…

Bringing Hedge-Fund Level Access to Individual Investors

The good news in all of this is that you don’t have to depend on guesswork about GDP or the Fed’s next move or inflation predictions.

You don’t have to listen to media talking heads, podcasters, or people on X (formerly Twitter) who are looking to get more clicks than anyone else.

Instead, you can depend on data…

See, we gave up following the crowd long ago.

And we don’t invest in “the market.”

Our algorithm zeroes in on what is going on at the company level.

We trade companies, not the stock market… not interest rates or Fed moves… and certainly not market predictions.

The key factors that will affect a stock’s price gets baked into the cake of our algorithm.

That’s where our edge is.

This is how the most successful hedge funds work.

They pay top dollar to any data source to help them find the company-level information that is going to give them an edge.

You may not realize it, but as a consumer, you’re helping those Wall Street firms get that edge.

When you go to a big-box store, satellites are counting the number of cars in the parking lot…

Traffic apps collect data on how many cars are going to different store locations…

If you post on social media about a purchase, that’s critical data, too.

And that’s where we get our edge…

Our Edge Becomes Your Edge

Our system discovers and analyzes consumer behavior shifts based on social media posts.

We track the brands and products owned by publicly traded companies.

Using this database of mentions, we can analyze and enrich that data to find the trends and shifts in the marketplace that give investors that critical edge… the data… that matters in the market.

Our system can spot companies about to enjoy rising revenues and profits.

But it can also spot companies about to suffer declining revenues and profits.

This aspect of our system allows us to make money from stocks going up AND from stocks going down.

Remember, “the market” is made of up of thousands of individual companies, each on its own trajectory of growth or decline.

Instead of making investments along with “the market,” we trade on the fortunes of individual companies and whether their customers are in love with the products and services or find them unsatisfying.

The average investor isn’t going to get an edge by guessing where the broad market will go.

And they are not going to get an edge listening to predictions about whether there’s going to be a recession or a bear market.

However, we can get a big edge by leveraging our algorithm, what it tells us about individual companies, and the experiences consumers are having… every day.

By trading this way, you get out of the prediction game. You get out of the guessing games.

Instead, you trade with the data… with an edge.

Tonight, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, we’ll give you the full story on how our system works and how investors can use the data to trade the market, regardless of which direction it takes.

You can join us at The A.I. Predictor’s Summit to find out how to get out of the prediction games and make your investing choices with the kind of data Wall Street pros use.

All you have to do is claim your seat here.

Until then,

Landon Swan

Founder, LikeFolio

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