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How To Play Real Estate Royale In Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 Real Estate Royale Guide Featured Split Image

Yakuza 0 allows you to see what Kiryu and Majima were doing in the late 80s. And it turns out that Kiryu was a big figure in Kamurocho’s real estate world. He gets a job within the sector during the main story. But his real work occurs in the Real Estate Royale mini-game.

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In the activity, you attempt to take over the five main areas of Kamurocho, usurping the people that own those regions in the process. It’s a fun and effective way to make a lot of in-game money. However, the mini-game can seem a bit complicated at first glance. This guide will make things clearer.

Unlocking Real Estate Royale

You don’t need to do anything special to unlock the Real Estate Royale activity as you’re introduced to it during the main story.


In chapter five, you meet a man named Yamanoi and end up having to save him from the wrath of the Five Billionaires. This group controls almost all the property in Kamurocho.

Yamonai wants to end their reign, so he enlists your help, which serves as your introduction to Real Estate Royale.

Hiring Employees

As with any good business, you need the right staff if you’re going to be successful. In Real Estate Royale, there are three types of employees:

  • Managers – These people impact how much money you gain from a collection.
  • Security – Your security impacts the safety of an area. So, the better the security, the less likely you are to face troubles.
  • Advisors – Advisors can improve the rank of your properties. Higher ranked stores make more money.

You start with some low-ranked employees, but you can acquire better ones. Here’s everyone you can get and how you get them:


Name How To Unlock Them
Tsuneo Hirata Starting Manager
Tamotsu Nagaoka Starting Manager
Kasuga Complete The Human Trafficking Ring Substory.
Sachiko Complete The Underneath It All Substory.
Nugget Complete Emiri: Mach Bowl Receptionist Substory.
Leisure King Take Over The Leisure King’s Area.
Papillon Kato Complete The Show Must Go On Substory.
Spining Complete The Miracle On Tenkaichi Street Substory.
Electronics King Take Over The Electronics King’s Area.
Pleasure King Take Over The Pleasure King’s Area.
Gambling King Take Over The Gambling King’s Area.


Name How To Unlock Them
Takeshi Taira Starting Security Guard
Taka Uematsu Starting Security Guard
Video Boy Complete The Girl In The Video Substory.
Gakuta Takeshita Take Over The Leisure King’s Area.
Mafia Boss Complete The Mushroom Merchant Substory.
Koshimizu-Kun Complete The First Impressions Substory.
Officer Kikuchi Complete The Stop-and-Search Specialist Substory.
Li Leung Complete The Password Protected Substory.
Namiya Meiden Take Over The Electronics King’s Area.
Jaguar Take Over The Pleasure King’s Area.


Name How To Unlock Them
Tomomi Takada Starting Advisor
Hiro Chiba Starting Advisor
Masochistic Man Complete The How To Train Your Dominatrix Substory
Krazy Kyo Complete The Damned Yanki Substory.
Mama-San Order The Best Whiskey At Earth Angel.
Agent Marui Complete The Tax Lady Substory.
Fortune-Teller Complete The Visionary Fortune Teller Substory.
Miracle Complete The Miracle In Maharaja Substory.
Media King Take Over The Media King’s Area.

In many cases, after you complete the substory, you will have to meet them near your real estate office to add them to your team.

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Buying Properties

To usurp one of the rival billionaires, you must improve your share percentage in their area. You do that through your properties. You start with one business in the Leisure King area and need to buy more.

In the main Real Estate Royale menu (activated through the building models in your office), you can click on an area to see the region it covers on the left side of the screen.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy your properties from this screen. Instead, you must physically go to the stores and purchase them.

It can be hard to tell which places are for sale as they’re pretty non-descript. The best option is to head to the area you want to make a purchase in and go up to different buildings to see if they’re available.

Keep an eye out for the ‘look’ icon in the top-right of your screen, as that appears when you’re next to buildings you can buy. When you hit the prompt, you get the option to purchase the business.

Many of them are very expensive, but it’s a classic ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money’ situation.

Investing In Your Properties

Once you purchase some properties, you’ll want to invest in them. Doing so increases the money they make and your share percentage in the surrounding area.

To invest, bring up the main Real Estate Royale menu and click on an area. From there, you can see all the stores you own in that region.

You can regularly assign an advisor to each one to immediately improve its rank.

Choosing An Advisor

Naturally, the better the star rating an advisor has, the more they’re going to improve a place.

However, the stars aren’t the only factor. You also want to take note of their support ability. Each advisor does better with certain businesses. Their skill for each one is shown with a symbol.

Symbol Meaning
Two Circles Great
One Circle Good
Triangle Average
X Bad

So, you want to consider an advisor’s star rating, ability with that type of business, and how much they cost when assigning one.

The game automatically highlights the symbol relevant to the business you’re viewing.

Doing A Collection

The way to make money off your many businesses is to do collections. You can do these fairly regularly.

To see if one is available, just go into the Real Estate Royale menu and look at your areas. The start collection option will be clearly displayed. And after a collection, it’ll say payout ready, which you can select to receive your earnings.

Before a collection, you must make sure you’ve got the right manager and security guard assigned to the area. You can change them by clicking on an area from the main Real Estate Royale menu.

Choosing A Manager And Security

Naturally, star ratings and pay should come into consideration when selecting your manager and security. But don’t ignore their ‘influence’ rating.

Ideally, you want a manager with a high economic influence as that will increase the amount of money you receive from a collection. As for the security, you want a decent safety influence, which makes you less likely to run into trouble.

A person’s economic or safety influence changes from day to day. The number that matters for any given collection is the one in red.

Problems That Can Arise

Sometimes during a collection, the billionaire who currently owns the area initiates a money battle with you. This is where the financial savvy of your manager is tested as it acts as their health bar.

If it depletes, you lose. You can help your manager by tossing in your own funds, but don’t do it aimlessly as it can be expensive.

Your team can run into other troubles during a collection if your security isn’t good enough. When this happens, you need to go to the map indicator and beat a few people up to resolve the situation.

Dealing With The Billionaires

The billionaires you’re trying to usurp don’t take too kindly to your actions. So at specific points during your rise, they will confront you.

When you get 60 percent of an area’s share, the supposed king of the region will challenge you to a wager. You can gain or lose shares in this duel.

Once your share reaches 90 percent, the billionaire you’re beating gets desperate and engages you in a physical confrontation. When you beat them, you gain full control of the area.

After besting all the kings, your job is done, and you run all of Kamurocho.

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