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How to spend Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy

Black Gold is used to upgrade your SR and SSR weapons (Image via Tower of Fantasy/Steam)

Tower of Fantasy is full of content, including missions, explorable areas, weapons, enemies, and currencies. Out of all the currencies available in the title, Black Gold could rank the highest. It is used to buy duplicates of weapons that gamers have already pulled using a Gold Nuclei.

Gold Nuclei is used to open Caches in the Special Orders menu, which is an RNG (random number generation) feature used in nearly every modern free-to-play game. Now that players know what Black Gold and Gold Nuclei are used for, it’s time to learn how to spend the former.


What to do with Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy?

For players that are enjoying their time in Tower of Fantasy but don’t necessarily plan on it being their favorite game after the holidays, it is recommended that they spend their Black Gold freely.

Upgrading the player’s favorite weapons is one way to spend Black Gold. Moreover, there are all sorts of new interactions and abilities earned through upgrades, so players should put some time into considering which are worth their hard-earned Black Gold.

Weapon and character upgrades are crucial to the Tower of Fantasy experience, and Black Gold is used to reach a new tier of guns and characters, which unlocks new abilities.

Weapon/character upgrades are crucial to succeed in the mid-late game (Image via Perfect World)
Weapon/character upgrades are crucial to succeed in the mid-late game (Image via Perfect World)

For example, if players choose to upgrade Zero, they will unlock the ability to heal allies. This is a very big upgrade over the zero-star version that can only shield allies.

The only trick to upgrading weapons is to have already pulled the weapon the player is looking to upgrade from a Cache. Once the gamer has the weapon, they can then purchase a duplicate of it from the weapon store, which then upgrades it to the next tier.

There are two tiers of weapons: SR and SSR. SRs are far more common, which also means they are much less powerful than their SSR counterparts. On top of this, the upgrades for SSR weapons are much more powerful than those for SR weapons.

Players shouldn’t spend much in the way of Black Gold to upgrade their SR weapons. If they feel that the early game is a struggle, they can certainly get away with one or two upgrades to SR weapons, which shouldn’t cost more than 35 Black Gold.

Even though it costs a massive 120 Black Gold to buy each duplicate of an SSR weapon, it is highly recommended. Each upgrade of this tier of weapons will unlock key abilities, completely changing the playstyle associated with these weapons.

How to get Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy


The system in Tower of Fantasy that allows players to receive Black Gold is rather simple. All that one has to do is use a Gold Nuclei to open a Cache. Every time this action is done, a single Black Gold will be given to the player.

It is expected that by mid-game, at least a hundred Caches will be opened, meaning at least 100 Black Gold will be earned. Essentially, finding and using Gold Nuclei is how one collects Black Gold.

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