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Las Vegas company introduces AI real estate agent to help families find homes

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Across the nation, artificial intelligence is redefining the way companies operate and a local real estate agency is hoping to be one of them.

But the question is how do you feel about using an AI real estate agent to buy your next home?

Channel 13 is introducing you to Luxora, the first AI conversational luxury real estate agent in the United States.

AI real estate agent - Luxora


Luxora was created by the Luxury Realty Group in Las Vegas. Broker and owner Bruce Hiatt said he partnered with tech platforms to make this possible.

“I thought wow! This may finally offer [a] change [to] what I think is this archaic, very traditional business,” Hiatt told me.

This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill website. This conversational AI system is rewriting the rules of property hunting here in Las Vegas. Potential buyers don’t even have to leave their home or apartment to view properties.

“We’ve created a very unique database that is proprietary where you will be able to search for elements in a luxury home,” Hiatt explained.

So how does it work?

The process of searching for your dream home is as easy as having a conversation. Instead of sifting through endless listings, you simply tell Luxora what you’re looking for.

Luxora finds available homes and provides an immersive property tour as well as specific property details.

“A user who is spending several millions on a home is going to spend hours trying to search to find these elements,” Hiatt said. “They look through photos. They spend hours doing it. We do it in seconds.”

Can an AI replace the personal touch of a human realtor?

Las Vegas resident Chloe Rodriguez tells me she doesn’t think AI can do the job.

“I would want an actual person, to be honest,” she said. “It’s more personable to talk to a person, better communication and response time.”

What about a realtor’s job security?

“That is a great question,” Hiatt said. “The avatar is not a licensed agent. It’s an advisor. You need an agent to work with them.”

Hiatt adds this technology is meant to enhance the experience for both buyers and sellers. He says it’s about marrying cutting-edge technology with that human connection that’s so vital in the world of real estate.

While some locals say it’s concerning, Hiatt said it makes selling and buying real estate more efficient and accessible for everyone.

“When that buyer walks into the home, our goal is to let them know everything they need to know about that home. There is very few questions they have to ask when they go in.”

Hiatt said this technology is first used by the buyer to get all their questions answered about the home before they meet with a realtor in person to see the home. He adds he believes other real estate agencies will also use this technology soon.

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