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July 18, 2024
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With 2023 in the rearview mirror, it’s now time to recharge, refocus and reset as the new year gets underway. While there’s plenty of change on the horizon, there’s also an opportunity for real estate professionals to overcome the fear of change and be adaptable as we make our way through 2024. 

We are doubling down on our commitment to providing brokers and agents with the tools and technology they need to guide clients through the real estate process, as well as continuous education and training, and believe that successfully navigating the 2024 real estate landscape begins with an unwavering focus in the following areas:

Communicating value

In light of the litigations within the industry, it’s more important than ever that MLSs, REALTOR® associations, brokers and agents stand up to proclaim their value. 

Brokers and agents must sharpen their expert negotiation skills as well as be able to sit with their clients and succinctly explain what exactly they’re doing for the consumer that adds value, which positions real estate professionals as the local market experts who will guide clients through the transaction more efficiently and effectively than if they did it on their own. 

Embracing education

The fear of the unknown and losing business is increasing among real estate professionals, and we believe the first important step is to educate themselves on what’s happening in the industry. From the broker’s perspective, that includes getting in front of affiliated agents to discuss the various lawsuits and their impact on them. 

Keeping eyes and ears open is critical, as is embracing buyer-broker agreements. These lawsuits are in the spirit of transparency for the consumer, so sitting down and having these conversations is the best way to overcome this fear. More importantly, while everyone is watching what’s happening at the national level, paying attention to both the state and local levels is important. 

Fostering conversation

Providing a unified message from top to bottom is the name of the game as we stand firm on our commitment to showing our brokerage customers that we have their backs as we move through changing times. Our new webpage is a one-stop shop for listing compensation updates. It also provides additional resources to help spark conversation and guide brokers and agents toward successfully communicating their value to consumers.  

While there will be changes along the way, nobody knows what the end result will be, so paying attention to industry updates is mission-critical. 

For more information, visit https://www.stellarmls.com/.

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