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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 21-24.

2735 Villa Creek, LP to Maly Group, LLC., Pt SW SE 12-2N-13W, $2,562,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to Chenal Property Investors III, LLC., L6 Tract 1, Chenal Valley, $1,162,000.

Cypress Bay Development, LLC., to CCA Phase 24 Partners, LLC., Pt NE SW & Pt NW SE 35-3N-13W, $1,135,920.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC., to Chenal Property Investors IV, LLC., L7 Tract 1, Chenal Valley, $1,033,929.

John Blair Fitzgerald; Florence Rhea Fitzgerald Jones; Sidney Smith Fitzgerald; Charles Fitzgerald to NLR Dev Partners, LLC., Pt SE NE 3-2N-13W, $1,000,000.

James F. Casey; Meg T. Casey to Robert Joseph Dacus; Emily Dacus, 16 Chenal Circle, Little Rock. L29 B1, Chenal Valley, $976,000.

RLA Investments, LLC., to Casa Technology Ventures, Inc., 721 W. 22nd St., North Little Rock. L38 Blk I, Plainview, $766,865.

Frank J. Lorusso; Desiree B. Lorusso to Frederick Green; Jennifer Green, 70 Marcella Drive, Little Rock. L64 B51, Chenal Valley, $756,000.

Forward Properties, LLC., to H Street Holdings, LLC., 5911 H St., Little Rock. Ls1-2 B7 & L17R, Lincoln Park Replat, $687,500.

Forward Properties, LLC., to SOM Investments, LLC., 822 N. Grant St., Little Rock. Ls3-8 B7, Lincoln Park, $687,500.

Samson Heavy Hauling Company, Inc., to Clifton Warehouse Leasing, LLC., L4, John L. Atkins- Mrs. M.A. Miller’s, $682,000.

Scott Davis; Sara Davis to Khairunnissa Lakhani; Sadruddin Suleman, 1606 Wetherbone Drive, Little Rock. L9 B10, The Villages Of Wellington, $615,000.

Henry A. Lile; Marilyn H. Lile to Matthew David Moorehead; Kimberly Moorehead, 54 Ledgelawn Court, Little Rock. L14, Chenal Ridge Phase I, $610,000.

Robert Hayden; Anna Hayden to Robert E. Marsh; Tommie S. Marsh; Robert And Tommie Marsh Revocable Trust L2, Hickory Pointe, $601,000.

Candice Lynn Hill; Candice Lynn Hill Revocable Trust to Todd C. Boswell; Megan L. Boswell, 11 Miramar Court, Little Rock. L16 B109, Chenal Valley, $542,900.

Jonathan A. Dranoff; Rachel S. Dranoff to Mehdi G. Pour; Meredith A. Pour, 11 Bugle Court, Little Rock. L217, Foxcroft 4th Tract C Replat, $519,000.

Charles L. Fuller; Cynthia Gayle Fuller; Cindy Fuller to Roger Allan Glasgow; Jennifer B. Glasgow; Roger And Jennifer Glasgow Joint Revocable Trust, 300 E. Third St., Unit 1502, Little Rock. Unit 1502, 300 Third HPR, $515,000.

Scott Jones Custom Homes, Inc., to Aaron Wyble; Whitney Barwick Wyble, 8701 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood. L16 B14, Creekside, $505,000.

Catherine Smith; Ryan Smith to Kelcey Puszkiewicz; Matthew Puszkiewicz, 30 Rosaires Way, Little Rock. L21 B22, Chenal Valley, $499,900.

James H. Fink; Lisa Fink to Samuel Willis; Susan Willis, 202 N. Longfield Ave., Sherwood. L30, Longlea VIII-C, $478,100.

Jorge David Piza Cossio; Ana Maria Gutierrez Mesa to Preetam Nallu Reddy; Radhika Poolapally, 222 Ash St., Little Rock. L2 B8, Elmhurst, $474,800.

Adolfo D. DasNeves to Jordan L. Bauer; Carole A. Bauer, 214 Commentry Lane, Little Rock. L13 B81, Chenal Valley, $470,000.

Matthew C. Abbott; Elizabeth F. Abbott to Brian Cherry; Allison Cherry, 29 Cimarron Valley Drive, Little Rock. L8 34, Pleasant Valley, $445,000.

Larry Allen Groves to Jacob Schimmel; Holly Schimmel, 23 Tomahawk Cove, Maumelle. L238, Osage Falls Phase III-B, $430,000.

Gina L. Dailey; Donald L. Dailey to Aaron Norcross; Amanda Norcross, 13310 Ridgehaven Road, Little Rock. L36, Carriage Creek Phase II, $411,500.

Jeffrey Robert Hicks; Lili Hicks; J And L Revocable Trust to Stephanie D. Hurst; Gregory A. Hurst, 149 Hibiscus Drive, Maumelle. L53, Waterside Replat, $411,000.

Richard Qualls to Ciara Gulley; Delton Keitron Gulley, 28 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock. L15 B21, Chenal Valley, $409,900.

Robert Neal Fendley; Kimber Barber Fendley to Danny Degner; Michelle Degner, 7 TM Fly Way, North Little Rock. L1643, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $404,000.

Matthew S. Piccino; Jennifer B. Piccinio to Austin Reinhardt Schoessel; Vanessa Diane Schoessel, 4 Glasgow Court, Little Rock. L1 B21, The Villages Of Wellington, $400,000.

Jacob Schimmel; Holly Schimmel to Callum S. Allison, 5715 Rummel Road, Little Rock. L30, Pinnacle Valley Phase II-B, $400,000.

Dylan Andrew Moseley; Sonni Moseley to Jason Hammick; Kendra Hammick, L33 B7, Woodlands Edge, $385,000.

Otter Creek Animal Hospital, PA to Betts Real Estate Enterprises, Inc., 1 Otter Creek Court, Little Rock. L6, Otter Creek Commercial, $385,000.

John Wright Construction Co., Inc., to Ryan Earl Burger; Jade Cecilya Burger, 75 Corniche Cove, Maumelle. L1709, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XXIV-B, $381,026.

Barbara A. Sparks to Luis A. Mandujano; Thania Vanegas, Pt SW NW 19-1S-12W, $375,000.

James R. Handloser; Pamela M. Handloser; Handloser Revocable Trust to Denise Marie DeCarlo, L6 B54, Lakewood, $370,000.

Paul Lash, Jr., to David C. McAlpine; Marva L. McAlpine, 2211 Windsor Court, Little Rock. L8, Windsor Hills, $365,200.

Emily Lorraine Garza to Robert Williams; Judith Williams, L78, Kingwood Place, $350,000.

Roger Craig Williams, Jr., to Steven Frank Janis; Jennifer Marie Janis, 1412 N. Hughes St., Little Rock. L44, Hall Cove, $349,000.

James Walter Bobo, III; Amber Michelle Bobo to James M. Durham; Lisa R. Durham, 2 Coral Cove, Maumelle. L94, Diamond Pointe Phase II, $331,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC., to Shannon Renee Parker; Linda Sue Allen, 5601 Rope Trail, Jacksonville. Ls18 & 18L, Jaxon Terrace Phase 15, $327,200.

Teresa P. West; Lloyd L. Litsey to Chet A. Fischer; Shiva T. Fischer, 2324 S. Arch St., Little Rock. Ls7-8 B4, Clark, $325,000.

Murray David Maples, Jr.,; Michele Carr-Maples to MD Ashikul Kabir, 1311/1313 Madden Road, Jacksonville. Ls2-3 B1, Bomber Base, $315,000.

Valerie G. Dodd; Lori A. Dodd; Valerie G. Dodd Residential Trust to Ted Clow; Lynne Clow, 15 Cedar Branch Court, Little Rock. L9, Cedar Branch, $307,500.

LaChelle G. Clark to Katherine Martinez; Frank Martinez, 1017 Cherry Hill Drive, North Little Rock. L15 B73, Park Hill NLR, $300,000.

Lavivian Yvette Carey; Lavivian Yvette Townsend to Cory Silvester Metcalf; Jonese Danielle Metcalf, 2601 Jade Cove, Sherwood. L21R B5, Stonehill Phase 4 Replat, $300,000.

Cope Homes, Inc., to Marcus Jackson; Candice Jackson, 5708 Rope Trail, Jacksonville. L33, Jaxon Terrace Phase 15, $296,850.

Delton K. Gulley; Ciara Gulley to Courtney Jackson, 118 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle. L20 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates, $295,000.

Jeffrey M. Westcott; Cynthia L. Westcott to Allison Kennedy, 422 Valley Ranch Circle, Little Rock. L11, Ranch West Villages, $295,000.

Nina Coco Bennett; Nina Coco Bennett Revocable Trust to Jerrold Hines; Andrea Hines, 122 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock. L47 B2, Taylor Park, $292,600.

WMCC Properties, LLC., to Bruce W. Perrine, Jr.; Suzanne B. Perrine L31C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $285,165.

Alexander Barker; Madison Barker to Malinda Johnson; Jared Green, 615 Beaconsfield Road, Sherwood. L20 B7, East Meadow, $285,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC., to Charles W. Jarrett; Chuck Jarrett; Laurie P. Jarrett; Jarrett Trust, L31D, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $284,384.

WMCC Properties, LLC., to Michael Crosson; Kay Crosson, L31B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $280,353.

Barbara Ann Kline; Barbara Ann Haynes to Dana Tyson; Walter Tyson, 2 Cleveland Circle, Little Rock. L2, Pleasnt Hill Replat, $280,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC., to Robert D. Hensley; Hay M. Hensley, 231 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle. L31A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $279,373.

Todd Gardecki; Shannon Gardecki to Bradley Fryar; Sarah Fryar, 20 Coachlight Drive, Little Rock. L177, Sturbridge Phase III, $270,000.

Chris A. Grubb; Caroline L. Grubb to Samantha C. Dix, 38 Bradford Drive, Little Rock. L93, Lindenwood, $270,000.

Annie Danielle Beus; Jeremy Walden Beus to Ivy Pearsall; Stefanie V. Harrison; Stefanie V. Harrison Living Trust, L32 B4, Walton Heights, $267,200.

Shirley Ann Martin; The Shirley Ann Martin Revocable Trust to John W Raines, Apt. B-803, Treetops HPR, $265,000.

William D. Hughes; Martha Hughes (dec’d) to Scott A. Parvin; Tammi S. Parvin, L6C, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $265,000.

S. Renee Parker; Linda S. Allen to Fredrick D. Brown; Debra Wilbert Brown, L117, Stonewall Phase III-A, $255,400.

John Finkbeiner; Estate Of James M. Shea (dec’d) to Opal Investments, LLC., 1211 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock. L123, Leawood Heights 2nd, $255,000.

CBL Properties, LLC., to Melany LeeAnne Barton; Nicholas Michael Joseph, 34906 Highway 107, Cabot. Pt W/2 NW 2-4N-11W, $254,000.

James Samuel Fitzgerald to NLR Dev Partners, LLC., Pt S/2 NE 3-2N-13W, $250,000.

Shannon Saucy; The Shannon Saucy Family Trust to Kevin Norton, 300 E. Third St., Apt. 806, Little Rock. Unit 806, 300 Third HPR, $250,000.

Robert G. Dingler; Glenn L. Dingler Living Trust to Jesus Canchola; Yannin Canchola, 1005 Cherryhill Drive, North Little Rock. L10 B72, Park Hill NLR, $245,000.

Martha R. Eshleman; Eshleman Living Trust to Travis Fuger; Sacha McBain, 126 Dennison St., Little Rock. L8 B3, Capitol View, $242,000.

Jane Kijciriya; Supeecha Kijviriya to Alexandra Taylor, 5111 Arlington Drive, North Little Rock. L42 B12, Lakewood, $235,000.

Anthony P. Lord; Clara M. Lord to Jeremiah Carpenter, 15013 Wade Blvd., Maumelle. Ls29-30, Castlewood Unrecorded, $232,000.

Tarabrooke Tillbrooks to Evan Hartzell; Susanna Hartzell, 53 Kingspark Road, Little Rock. L184, Colony West 2nd, $231,000.

Stephanie Calderon; Robert Joe Casey to Keith Blevins, 1413 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville. L4, Jaxon Terrace Phase IX, $230,000.

Floria Jane Powell to Chris Wade Sears; Elizabeth Ann Seard, Ls34 & 32, Flowerwood Farms Unrecorded, $227,350.

REI Nation, LLC., to Manish Rana, 24 Emerald Drive, Maumelle. L215, North Pointe, $225,000.

Matthew J. Lindsey to Shelly Starkey, 30 Pleasant Cove, Little Rock. L35, Walnut Valley, $220,000.

Faulkner Meadows, LLC., to Central Arkansas Water, Pt SE & Pt E/2 NE SW 4-3N-15W; Pt SW SW 3-3N-15W, $215,000.

Cody Dewayne Hogg; Cara G. Hogg; Cara G. Pozza to Whitney L. Williams, 4808 N. Locust St., North Little Rock. L9 B71, Park Hill NLR, $215,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC., to Betty Ketchum; Traci Ketchum, 8601 Westwood Creek Drive, North Little Rock. L39, White Oak Crossing, $211,190.

Thomas R. Swift; Leslie Evans to Trevor M Geng, 5209 N. Cedar St., North Little Rock. L15 B6, Pikeview, $210,000.

Anna Sadler to Oleg K. Karaduta; Alina Karaduta, 5723 Woodlawn Drive, Little Rock. L2 B28, Lincoln Park, $205,000.

Kelly Carney to Walker A. Elkins, Tracts 13 & 14, Stone Ridge Estates Unrecorded, $202,065.

Derek A. Smith; Hien Le-Smith to Kevin Wang; Hannah Wang, 2511 Austin Oaks Drive, Sherwood. L10, Hunter’s Ridge, $202,000.

Ronald B. Settlers; Valerie J. Settlers; Ronald B. & Valerie J. Settlers Trust to Tangie Sims, 5221 Nancy Court, Little Rock. L28, Westlake No. 2, $200,000.

Byrd Real Estate Investments, LLC., to Brittany Veasey, 1208 Overview Drive, Jacksonville. L22, Overlook, $200,000.

Catherine Hardy to Megan Chisholm, 121 Merganzer Drive, Jacksonville. L305, Northlake Phase III-B, $199,000.

Jeri Abramson to Wei Tieng Lim; Arthur Cuen, 12303 Woodbourne Drive, Little Rock. L39 B3, Cherry Creek, $198,000.

Timothy Michael Alexander to Whitney Dorsey, 1401 Juniper Drive, North Little Rock. L398, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $196,000.

Deon Robinson; Ursula Robinson to REI Nation, LLC., L13, Hartfield Section 3 Tract B Replat, $195,000.

Adam Lee Parker to Jared MacDonald; Paige MacDonald, 515 Taylor Road, Jacksonville. Pt NE NW 28-3N-11W, $195,000.

Deborah J. Smith to Bennett Elizabeth Barr; Frederick Earl Barr, 2200 Andover Court, Unit 605, Little Rock. Apt. 605, Andover Square HPR, $195,000.

Stephen Odekirk; Kellie Trilicek to Gokulakrishna U Naidu, 1706 Calgary Trail, Little Rock. L102, Point West 3rd Phase I, $190,100.

Danita Dover to Ethan Baker; Kerrie Baker, 1001 Lorance Drive, Little Rock. Pt N/2 SW SW 34-1S-12W, $190,000.

Bethany B. Brown to Gary W. Chambers; Marsha L. Chambers, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 803, Little Rock. Apt. 803, Andover Square HPR, $187,500.

Jenna R. Brush to Jeffrey Douglas Abner, 27 Donnell Drive, Sherwood. L14, Vervack Hills, $186,000.

REI Nation, LLC., to Vittal Premachandran; Rachana Purohit, 5 Cinnamon Drive, Sherwood. L41, Teakwood Section C, $185,000.

Cynthia Gail Kane to Scott Adams; Morgan Adams, 1524 Northline Drive, North Little Rock. L25 B4, Overbrook, $182,500.

Sandra Summons to Christian Sainz, 5 Midwood Court, Little Rock. L3, Midwood Manor, $181,000.

David W. Cook; Jerry F. Cook to Angela Davison Lindsey; Leandrew Lindsey, 5 Club Road, Jacksonville. L89, Foxwood Phase V, $180,000.

Shaunda Galbert to Trevor Wine, 5925 Timberview Road, Little Rock. L244, Pecan Lake, $180,000.

Angela Marie Williams; Angela Williams to Christy Seawood, 12040 Maryland Place, Sherwood. Lot B, Maryland Place, $180,000.

Donald J. Butera; The Butera Family Trust to Jim Robert Montgomery; Nancy Ann Montgomery; The Montgomery Living Trust Townhome 6, Timber Creek Townhomes HPR I, $180,000.

Mid South Homebuyers, GP to Courtney Bockover; Jacob Bockover, 1615-1625.5 Gum St., North Little Rock. L9 B5, Kahn’s, $178,500.

Terry L. Rainey to Courtney Young; Ashley Young, 5309 N. Walnut Road, North Little Rock. L18 B4, Pike View, $175,900.

Kim Lemmons; Kimberly Hicks; Teresa Richey; Estate Of Larry Richey (dec’d) to Shelby L. Price, 1104 Bittercress Drive, North Little Rock. L132, Faulkner Crossing Phase 2, $175,000.

Charles R. Marsh; Dollie M. Marsh (dec’d) to Susan Muzynski; John D. Gallaspy, 6413 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock. L80 B20, Indian Hills, $175,000.

John Lee Philpot; John Lee Philpot Revocable Trust to Hayden Fischer; Sally Fletcher, 17020 Speaker Lane, Little Rock. Pt NW NE 32-1S-12W, $173,250.

Edward J. Hale, II; Edward J. Hale (dec’d) to Double Trouble, LLC., 19 Del Tara Drive, Jacksonville. L10, Tara Mount, $172,000.

John F. Huberty, IV; M indy C. Huberty to Justin Sarlo, 3512 Spring Valley Cove, Jacksonville. L17F, Spring Valley, $168,000.

Matthew D. Davis; Robert M. Davis; Cheryl A. Branscum to Cynthia G. Kane, 5409 N. Cedar St., North Little Rock. L7 B7, Pike View, $168,000.

Brian N. Dailey to Raegan Stewart, 11510 Legion Hut Road, Mabelvale. L5 B8, Oxford Valley Phase 7B, $167,500.

William David Parker; Jerry Alan Parker; The Parker Family Revocable Living Trust to Charles Adam Rose, 71 Kingsbridge Way, Little Rock. Apt. 71, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR 6, $159,000.

Edward Charles Uekman; Daniel Paul Uekman; The Edward T. And Ida Jane Uekman Living Trust to Robert J. Chapo, 23 Houston Drive, Sherwood. L19 Tract 1, Little Big Horn Estate, $155,000.

Charles Bingham Stotts; Grace Carolyn Stotts Revocable Trust to Miguel Casanova; Joi White-Casanova, 108 Richmond Court, Jacksonville. L217, Stonewall Phase II, $150,000.

Chicot NWA, LLC., to Eyad Hassan; Linda Hassan; Mohammad Quttoum; Shoruke Hassan, L1, Chicot NWA, $150,000.

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