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Where To Find Every Ijincho and Sotenbori Silver Safe In Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza Like A Dragon Every Silver Safe Location

Silver Safes in Yakuza: Like A Dragon are home to plenty of helpful items, so make sure you don’t miss a single one in Injincho or Sotenbori.

There are countless secrets hidden in the back allies and high streets of both Ijincho and Sotenbori in Yakuza: Like A Dragon, whether it be Tojo Clan Crests, Kappa Statues, or lost cats. However, one of the most important things scattered through the game are the silver and golden safes.

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While all the safes may have valuable items in them, some of them are much harder to find keys to open than others. Thankfully, around Chapter 3 you will receive a Silver Skeleton Key, which will allow Kasuga to open all the Silver Safes in the game. Some of these safes only have some materials in them, and others hold much more valuable goods, but it is worth knowing where they all are.


Ijincho Silver Safes

Commercial District

  • The first silver safe can be found south of the two-story carpark, in a back alley, just off of Misaki St.

  • The next can be found on the second story of the carpark in the northern corner. Run up the Ramp by the can recycling mini-game and turn left.

  • Next, go to the Hello Work office and there will be a silver chest just left of the sliding doors into the office.

Red Light District

  • Across from the Yakuza Office on Romance Street go down the side alley with green fencing, the chest will be standing alone to the east.

  • Go to Otohime Land on Ohama Street, go to the back of the carpark to the north, and there will be another silver chest behind the building

Isezaki Road

  • Go to the north end of Isezaki Road, just past the large arch with the street name on it. There will be subway entrances to the east and west, go down the steps to the eastern one, and there will be a chest between two stacks of cardboard boxes.


Restaurant Row Safes

  • This is an area that you will explore during the story but you can return to it later if you miss the safes here. To get here go down the small alley next to the weapons vendor on Ijin Street, and up the steps on your right. You will know you are in the right place because your pause menu map will change to the zoomed-in one seen above.


  • Once in Restaurants Row, there will be several small areas with enemies to clear out or flee. The safe is in the second square on your local mini-map, next to the food stall with the bright red sign. Be careful not to miss it as it is just behind a pillar and can be easily missed.



  • Go to the arcade just of Isobe Alley, and instead of going inside, take the spiral staircase up to the first floor. Just to the left of the elevators, you will see a silver and a gold safe.


  • Go to the back alley behind Eomeoni’s Vow restaurant by Fukotucho, the story will also take you here during a mission where you are forced to slowly follow a character. Instead of going up the staircase, look to your right, and you will see a silver safe right there. ​​​​​​​

Bar District

  • Go to the east of Fukutoku Bridge, just across from The Harbor Light Bar. Run down the street labelled Bar District on your map and just before a small alley, you will see an empty area on the ground floor of the building with a safe in the back right corner.


  • Now, go down that side alley, that acts as a shortcut to Hustle Boutique, the last silver safe in the Bar district is nestled in with all the dumpsters. ​​​​​​​

West Jinnai Station

  • There are three silver safes here so make sure to hit up this area. Start outside the Jinnai Station and run west. Go down the small alley under the bridge and fenced in from the shrubbery. The three safes are about halfway down.


East Jinnai Station

  • Start in the hospital carpark, near where Daikokuten Street meets Carriage Highway. There is a small, covered section of parking space in the northeast corner, go in here, and there should be silver chest next to a small shed and some bins.


  • From the last safe run, straight west to the other side of the covered parking spots. There are two more silver safes in almost a mirrored position to the last one.


  • Start at the south end of Gull Street and begin walking north, around where Pier Street intersects with Gull Street you will see some stairs built into the “la chatte blanche” building. Go up these steps and there will be a silver chest on your left. ​​​​​​​


North Jinnai Station

  • Go inside Café Brave/the ground floor of your Part Time Hero boss’s office. Find the barista and walk straight across the other side of the interior. There is a silver chest just behind a pillar.


  • Go behind the MIRAI Batting Center. This one is easy because it is the most northwesterly point on the map, just walk down behind the centre, and there is a silver and gold safe overlooking the waterfront. ​​​​​​​


  • Go to the building that is home to Full Bell Buns and Kai Xin Specialty Store. Don’t go inside, instead turn around, and you will see a small indent between two neighbouring buildings. Your next silver chest is in there.


  • Go to the Club Sega in Chinatown. There is what looks like a covered loading dock next to the entrance. There are two large pillars to the right, the next silver chest is just behind the second pillar.


  • Leave the last safe and go just next door to The Bun Sauna. Go north a little bit, past the large Chinese arch. There are some circular pillars on the building to your right, go in by them and the final chest in Chinatown is behind the first one. ​​​​​​​

Hamakita Park District

  • For the final chest in Yokohama, you are going back to the seafront. In the far east of Hamakita Park, just past Hama Wagon Café, there are the final two silver chests in Yokohama sitting behind the building overlooking the sea.


Sotenbori Silver Safes

Sotenbori is the game’s second, much smaller map, but there are a handful of silver safes here.

  • Go to the northwest corner of the map and cross Bishamon Bridge. There is a set of building with a small entrance into a side street just past it. Run down this alley and the silver safe is on the right.


  • Go to Wild Jackson Sotenbori, just north of the two entrances into the restaurant there is a set of stairs going up. Go up one floor and make your way into the small office. There will be a silver safe on your left as you enter.


  • For the final silver safe, go to the west end of Shofukucho. Go into the Dream Parking carpark and go south. The final chest should be right there at the back of the carpark. ​​​​​​​

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