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July 17, 2024
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Brazilian miners sign deal to combat crimes against gold, gemstone firms



Brazilian miners sign deal to combat crimes against gold, gemstone firms

Brazilian mining companies, through mining association, Ibram, signed an agreement with the justice and public security ministry to improve efforts to combat crimes against gold and precious stone firms.

The technical cooperation agreement paves the way for mining companies to provide information to support actions against these crimes coordinated by the ministry, Ibram said in a statement.

The companies will supply information to enable security forces to prepare studies and diagnoses and support the formulation of strategies to combat organized crime and violent crime that have impacted the operations of mining companies that produce gold and gemstones in Brazil. 

“This agreement is of immense importance to the national interest. The Brazilian government is taking measures, in partnership with the private sector, to put an end to the actions of organized gangs, who loot loads of valuable ore and cause serious crime problems for people, as well as damaging the economy and the environment,” said Ibram vice president Fernando Azevedo.

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