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March 2, 2024
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Gold Road officially announced, and it looks epic

Fans of The Elder Scrolls Online can rejoice and news of the next expansion dropped last night and revealed it to be called Gold Road.

Zenimax Online Studios revealed Gold Road and it’s story which is due to focus on a Daedric prince called Ithelia and their unexpected awakening. It will be up to players to figure out who woke Ithelia, as well as why. There’s likely some nefarious reason, and let’s be honest, waking up a sleeping powerful entity is never going to end well.

People have been playing Skyrim to death, so if you fancy a change, give ESO a try

According to ESO creative director, Rich Lambert, Ithelia will be a “huge addition to the lore”. “She’s not horror, she’s crystal and color,” Lambert said. “That’s kind of her jam.” It sounds like she’s going to be a welcome change to the successful MMO. Players will find themselves in West Weald, a location familiar to long-time fans as we last saw it in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. While there we will discover a gorgeous forest has sprung up over night, bringing a colourful injection to the title.

The expansion will bring a whole host of features including a brand new storyline, a new 12-person trial, a new feature called Scribing rather than another new class, and a few new dungeons too.

2024 also marks the game’s 10 year anniversary on PC, so Zenimax has plenty planned for the big celebration. “In 2025, we’ve got a big moment in North America…to kind of go out with a bang so that everybody can celebrate with us at that time…It’s crazy to think that it’s been 10 years,” Lambert said.

Elder Scrolls Online is well-known for being an accessible MMO and very welcoming to new players. If you’re feeling the itch for Elder Scrolls 6 and want a fix soon, ESO is a great place to start and is dripping with lore and familiar locations for fans.

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