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World’s first GOLD PLATED hotel where everything is covered in 24-carat bling from walls to toilets and even STEAKS

LIVING a life of luxury is easy when staying in a completely gold-plated hotel.

The one-of-a-kind complex comes with a boatload of 24-carat gold goodies including bathtubs, toilets, walls and even premium steaks.

The outside of the world’s first gold plated hotel in VietnamCredit: Instagram / Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake
The Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel has gold in every single room even a golden bathtub, sink and toiletCredit: Booking.com
One of the highlights is the rooftop infinity pool with gold tilesCredit: Booking.com

Sat in Hanoi, Vietnam the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake hotel is truly a thing of beauty both inside and out thanks to the rich and glossy golds.

Almost impossible to miss, the hotel sits on a street corner in bustling Hanoi overlooking the picturesque Giang Vo Lake.

Standing at 25 golden stories, the hotel has 400 rooms all with one pretty consistent theme – gold everywhere you look.

But such elegance and beauty can’t be rushed as the hotel took a whopping 11-years to build.

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From the moment you step through the grand entrance doors you’re met with a whiff of wealth from the glad-plated handles and shimmering front desk.

One of the most breathtaking spots in the entire mega complex is the swimming pool.

The 200sqft infinity pool overlooks the Hanoi city skyline all as you stand and splash about on the 24-carat gold tiles.

After a swim, guests can enjoy a decadent buffet served on golden plates, using golden cutlery from golden trays.

And the food is even gold.

Tomahawk steaks wrapped in gold is the obvious stand out but everywhere else possible on the menu the helpful staff will sprinkle golden flakes over your grub.

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Often dubbed southeast Asia’s most luxurious hotel, the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake boasts a number of flashy suites all with stunning city views.

Prices start at £250 a night for the most basic rooms – still kitted out in gold – to the ridiculously extravagant £800-a-night executive suites.

Owner, Nguyen Huu Duong couldn’t be more thrilled with his prized establishment.

According to The Blend, Mr Duong wants his hotel to be “the most luxurious in the world”.

The official hotel website says: “We aim to transform every moment with our guests into extraordinary opportunity to inspire them.

“Whatever you need to enhance your stay – to create, to innovate, to learn, or to grow – let us be your muse.”

The hotel is famed for their golden menu including gold wrapped tomahawk steaksCredit: Booking.com
The grand entrance hall in the hotel shimmering with the golden touchesCredit: Booking.com
There is over a tonne of gold on the outside of the complexCredit: Booking.com

It is all operated by the American Wyndham Hotels brand and is the first five star hotel in Hanoi.

One Tripadvisor reviewer was left simply amazed by the hotel.

They wrote: “We expected a load of ‘ glitter and bling’. Surprisingly it was well designed, fairly tasteful and quite a refreshing change.

“Definitely something to remember. The bathrooms require special mention.

“The bathtub, wash basins, toilets and the plumbings were gold plated. Wow that was something totally out of the world!!!”

As another happy visitor said: “This hotel is absolutely incredible and a maximilists dream! Everything is gold and luxurious.

“A truly unique hotel to stay in, perfect for spoiling yourself.”

The hotel overlooks the picturesque Giang Vo LakeCredit: Booking.com
The hotel has been dubbed the most luxurious hotel in southeast AsiaCredit: Booking.com

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