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June 19, 2024
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eBullion introduces digital platinum and palladium on its platform

Hyderabad: eBullion Private Limited, a metal tech start-up recognized by India’s DPIIT and powered by Hindustan Platinum (HP) has introduced a unique gifting option on its platform, the ‘Digital Platinum and Palladium’. Now, users can gift platinum and palladium to friends and family starting from a minimum of Rs100.

Through the eBullion platform, users can invest in and gift platinum and palladium in addition to traditional silver and gold. This feature breaks geographical barriers, enabling users to infuse heartfelt sentiments through personalized messages. Offering a range of denominations, users can customize their gifts to suit their preferences and financial plans. Furthermore, the metals are securely stored in third-party vaults, ensuring safety first.

Rajiv Ranjan, head of business operations, eBullion said: “We are proud to introduce the pioneering feature of digital platinum and palladium gifting. As trailblazers in the industry, we’re thrilled to offer this unique opportunity, opening the door to the world of platinum and palladium investments. Join us on this exceptional journey as we bring a new dimension to gifting and investment, providing access to these valuable metals like never before.”

In the pursuit of diversified and secure investment avenues, platinum and palladium stand strong as smart investment choices. Their industrial value makes them attractive to savvy investors. As steadfast hedges against financial risks, these metals offer reliability and stability. Digital ownership of these metals provides ease of access, security, and flexibility in transactions.

eBullion enhances the ease and practicality of these valuable metals, turning them into even smarter options for investing or giving, amidst today’s ever-changing financial landscape. Users can access the latest “digital platinum and palladium gifting” feature via the eBullion website, Android, and iOS applications.

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