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Gold Gate Capital Ratings at a Glance

Gold Gate Capital Product Offering

Gold Gate Capital offers diverse precious metals products and services that suit the investment needs of various investors. Here’s a breakdown of the company’s core offerings.

Buy Gold and Silver Bullion

You can invest in precious metals physically or through a precious metal IRA. Physical bullion, like bars or coins, can be purchased from a reputable precious metal dealer and stored securely at home, in a bank or with an independent depository. Gate Gold Capital offers a comprehensive selection of physical bullion for direct ownership. Let’s explore some of the major options. 

Buy Gold Coins and Bars

Gold Gate Capital (GGC) offers you a choice between its collection of internationally renowned gold coins and bars minted by well-known private and national mints. The gold coins encompass some of the most popular and globally respected options like the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic and the South African Krugerrand. This selection of coinages blends the best aspects of collectibility and bullion investment appeal. GGC’s gold bars are 24-karat gold and come with certificates and assay cards of authenticity indicating purity, weight, serial number and manufacturer. 

For instance, the Valcambi Combibar comprises 50 beautifully stamped 1-gram gold bars produced by Johnson Mathey assayers and refiners. It has 0.9999 fineness (99.99% purity) and is uniquely designed to break off individual 1-gram gold bars from each CombiBar™ precisely. This makes for flexibility. Additionally, there are 10 oz and 1 oz gold bars with 0.9999 fineness produced by various manufacturers, including Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, Johnson Matthey, Engelhard and Perth Mint.

Buy Silver Coins and Bars

GGC boasts an impressive array of industry-standard silver coins with the highest purity or fineness. Some popular options include the Silver American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Silver Round and Silver Rose Crown Shield. These coins are of the best quality and are favored by collectors and investors worldwide. All GGC’s silver bars undergo rigorous testing for silver content and purity, ensuring a minimum of 99.9% pure silver. Like the gold bars, the silver bars are delivered with assay cards and certificates of authenticity showing the manufacturer, weight, purity and serial number.

Available inventories include 100 oz and 10 oz silver bars. You can contact the team if you want something specific not listed on the website. A more unique product sold by GGC is the junk silver bag. Junk silver refers to U.S. dimes, quarters and half dollars minted in 1964 or earlier. Because of their extended circulation, they exhibit a weathered appearance and are composed of 90% silver for added durability. A bag of junk silver offers tangible silver in a recognizable form, providing you with a means for easy trade during a significant currency crisis. 

You can use it for educational purposes to explain monetary values to your friends and families. A pre-1964 quarter holds a value much higher than its face value today. GGC’s junk silver bag comes in double sizes: one with coins totaling $500 face value and another with $1,000 face value worth of coins. These bags hold 357.5 and 715 ounces of silver, representing the actual value they contain. Each coin is composed of 10% copper and 90% pure silver. Some of the most popular coins found in junk silver bags include Kennedy half-dollars, Mercury dimes, Washington quarters and Roosevelt dimes.

Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

You may want to sell your gold and silver bullion for many reasons — to cover unexpected bills, raise money for other investments or take advantage of the market’s high prices. While numerous websites sell gold and silver, finding a suitable platform to sell these precious metals can be challenging. GGC offers an unconditional buyback guarantee at a competitive price, meaning if you ever need to sell your gold or silver bullion, the company promises to repurchase them from you regardless of the reason. 

To resell your physical bullion to GGC, you contact the company and provide details about what you have and your intention to sell. After receiving an offer, you’ll coordinate with GGC to facilitate the product transfer. Subsequently, the company will send your check upon confirming that the product matches your description. Liquidation can be total, meaning you sell all your gold and silver to GGC, or partial, in which case you select a few coins or bars from your asset and sell them to the company. 

Gold and Silver IRA

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) provide a tax-advantaged pathway to long-term retirement savings and offer diversified investment options for financial security. Gold Gate Capital offers gold-based IRA portfolios similar to a regular IRA. The difference is that, instead of allocating funds to traditional assets like stocks and bonds, they are channeled into IRA-eligible gold and silver purchases that GGC holds in reputable and secured IRS-approved depositories or vaults. This practice facilitates diversification, helping you protect your assets and minimize losses from stock market volatility or widespread economic downturns. 

Additionally, you enjoy the inherent tax benefits of IRA investing. Gold Gate Capital also lets you roll over your old retirement account, including 401(k)s and traditional and Roth IRAs, into a new gold IRA, enabling you to secure your retirement savings while enjoying the tax benefits. The process is hassle-free, thanks to the company’s over 50 experts or retirement fund management consultants. You can call these experts for assistance in selecting new silver and gold products. 

Typically, an account custodian facilitates the buying and selling process, storage and taxes. They can help you pick the storage facility, which is usually a choice between Brinks or the Delaware Depository. Both are reputable and well-insured IRS-approved depositories for storing IRA gold and silver bullion. Brink has locations worldwide, and the Delaware Depository offers insurance of up to $1 billion per account.

Educational and Research Resources 

Access to excellent educational and research resources is crucial in empowering investors with the knowledge and insights to make informed decisions in precious metals investing. Gold Gate Capital offers a free gold and silver investing info kit to facilitate learning. The info kit covers the various reasons for setting up a gold IRA, how precious metals investing can protect your wealth, traditional IRA rollover to gold IRA and account opening fundamentals. To receive the kit, you provide your phone number, email address and full name — no sign-up is required. Besides the info kit, the company also offers a 2024 precious metal investment guide as an ebook. This book explores the importance of diversified portfolios, guidance on rolling over older accounts, the advantages of gold investments and strategies to save on taxes related to precious metal investments.

Gold Gate Capital offers responsive support via phone (1-800-604-0240), email (mailto:info@goldgatecapital.com) and online ticketing. You can count on the company’s dedicated representatives to provide round-the-clock personalized support at every stage of your precious metal investment journey. This feature enhances trust and ensures your investments are secure at every step. You can also access important information regarding the company’s service offerings on the FAQ page. The company enjoys impressive ratings across multiple independent review platforms, including 4.8/5 on Google and 5/5 on BBB with A+ ratings. Reviewers’ comments were overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and trustworthiness. 

Gold Gate Capital takes adequate measures for user privacy protection. Like most online platforms, the company may collect your personal information during registration. However, GGC stores such data in a private online environment, safeguarding it from unauthorized access or malicious cyber actors. The company will not sell or share your data with any third party except with consent or to comply with local legal requirements. 

All precious metals bought for your IRA investing are stored in a state-of-the-art depository in line with IRS guidelines. The company typically offers you a choice between two of the most reputable IRA-approved depositories — Brinks and the Delaware Depository. Brinks is licensed by the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) while the Delaware Depository is licensed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Gold and silver bullion sent to these facilities are transported in armored vehicles and guarded by armed messengers for maximum protection during transit. 

Upon arrival at the facility, they’re subject to thorough inspection and inventorying. These facilities conduct regular audits and are fully liable for all your precious metals. When you directly buy gold or silver for personal ownership, GGC can store it for you in their exchange-approved vaults. Or you can opt for the company to deliver it to your home, office, or any preferred independent storage facility for security. Overall, Gate Gold Capital adopts robust security measures.

Pricing is not available on the company’s website, which is unsurprising considering that the price of gold and silver bullion can vary slightly daily. So, to get an idea of the precious metal price models and how much the company will charge you for its services, including funds management, you must contact them via phone or email. The company’s representatives are available 24 hours to answer any questions, including those related to pricing. GGC offers competitive pricing and will not just match but beat the price of competitors. The company maintains a strict zero-fee commitment buyback policy, meaning it doesn’t impose liquidation fees when you sell your precious metals back to the company. 

Gold Gate Capital offers a fantastic user experience, streamlining precious metal investing for diverse users. The company strictly follows IRS guidelines regarding the storage and purity of the precious metals for IRAs. This, alongside the company’s 15+ years of experience, solidifies investors’ trust in its commitment to delivering exceptional value and ensuring the security of assets, as evident in its review across reputable independent platforms where it maintains a strong reputation with high ratings. 

Besides GGC’s guaranteed zero-fee buyback commitment, the company offers various benefits, including exclusive tax-advantage opportunities when transferring retirement accounts, which enhances your financial securities. Additionally, GGC provides insightful info kits and investment guides to streamline learning and research, especially for beginner precious metal investors. Whether you’re directly buying precious metals for personal ownership or retirement investing via gold IRA, account setup is hassle-free, involving three simple steps. 

To get started, review and sign the customer agreement GGC will send to your email and fund your account via check or wire transfer. Once your account is funded, inform your precious metals expert of your preferred investment assets. GGC will ship them to you for free with insurance. The company provides a dedicated precious metal specialist to guide you at every stage of your investment journey. Benzinga considers Gold Gate Capital recommendable.

Gold Gate Capital vs. Competitors

Gold Gate Capital has a few competitors like Birch Gold, Preserve Gold and Augusta Metals. Like GGC, these firms streamline precious metal investing for gold IRA investors and those buying directly for personal ownership. GGC’s guaranteed no-fee buyback commitment, 24-hour personalized support and competitive price-matching are some of its core appeal. The company maintains a strict adherence to IRS regulations guiding gold IRAs, which enhances trust among investors and makes it one of the best gold IRA investment platforms.

Gold Gate Capital is one of the best precious metals investing platforms for beginners and experienced investors. Its commitment to secure storage, including personal delivery or depository options, is impressive and reflects an underlying dedication to client satisfaction. The company’s excellent ratings on trusted review platforms underscore a strong reputation bolstered by guaranteed no-fee buyback policies, excellent educational resources and strict adherence to IRS guidelines guiding such investment. With a dedicated precious metals specialist, Gold Gate Capital provides valuable support vital for your gold and silver investing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Gold Gate Capital is a legitimate precious metal investment company with an excellent rating on reputable review platforms like Google, BBB and TrustLink.



Precious metals can be excellent investment assets for diversification, hedging against economic uncertainties and wealth preservation.



Some disadvantages of investing in precious metals include price volatility, lack of income generation and potential storage costs.

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