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Silver Bullion Partners With World Platinum Investment

Singapore, Singapore, Jan. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Silver Bullion ( www.silverbullion.com.sg ) is proud to announce its strategic partnership with the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) to increase the understanding of platinum as a key investment asset among precious metal investors in Asia.

The WPIC, formed in 2014 by the leading platinum producers, is a global market authority on physical platinum investment, providing investors with objective and reliable market intelligence on platinum.

This partnership with the WPIC aligns with Silver Bullion’s plans to grow investment demand for platinum and encourage the diversification and strengthening of investment portfolios with a broader range of precious metals to its clientele. As a trusted authority in the platinum sector, the WPIC’s support of Silver Bullion, with expert insights from its extensive platinum research knowledge base to increase recognition of the precious metal’s investment merits, is invaluable.

Gregor Gregersen, Chief Executive Officer of Silver Bullion, said, “We are excited to embark on this journey together with the WPIC, the foremost authority when it comes to investment research for platinum. Like silver, platinum is a precious metal long overshadowed by gold. The potential for platinum is great, and we are ready to support the WPIC in its efforts to further emphasize the role of platinum as part of everyone’s investment portfolio.”

The WPIC forecasts that the platinum market will be in deficit for the next five years and beyond, driven by the strength of ongoing automotive and industrial demand.

Commenting on the announcement, Trevor Raymond, Chief Executive Officer of the WPIC, said, “We are delighted to be working with Silver Bullion to increase investors’ understanding of platinum and to assist a recognized supplier of quality platinum investment products to investors. Platinum is a remarkable metal with precious qualities that provide diversification and a store of value, as well as strong supply-demand fundamentals as an industrial metal. It remains an essential component in reducing harmful vehicle emissions and is already a crucial element in unlocking hydrogen’s role in the decarbonization of transport and other industries. It is becoming increasingly recognized as key to the emerging hydrogen economy. Currently, platinum’s investment appeal lies in its considerable market deficit, but looking ahead, investors will also reap the benefits from a hydrogen-driven demand tailwind.”


About Silver Bullion

Founded in 2009, Silver Bullion is one of Singapore’s largest precious metal dealers. It specializes in wealth protection and offers services, including precious metals storage, collateralization, and non-destructive testing at its vault, The Safe House, located within its own building, The Reserve. With over 15,500 metric tons of storage capacity for physical assets like precious metals, luxury watches, art, gemstones, and other luxury items, The Reserve is one of the highest-capacity vaults in the world.

About the World Platinum Investment Council – WPIC®

The World Platinum Investment Council Ltd. is a global market authority on physical platinum investment, formed to meet the growing investor demand for objective and reliable platinum market intelligence. WPIC’s mission is to stimulate global investor demand for physical platinum through both actionable insights and targeted product development. WPIC was created in 2014 by the leading platinum producers in South Africa. WPIC’s members are: Anglo American Platinum, Implats, Northam Platinum, Sedibelo Platinum and Tharisa. For further information, please visit www.platinuminvestment.com.

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