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June 21, 2024
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Robocash forecasts 23 per cent rise in net worth of European investors

Investment platform Robocash expects around a 23 per cent increase in the average amount of assets held by European households in the next five years.

Currently, European households have assets and liabilities worth around €55,000 (£46,000), which Robocash expects to rise to €67,600 by 2030. Financial derivatives and employee stock options are expected to make the biggest contribution.

Over the last 20 years, the largest share of disposable assets have been in bank deposits, despite a period of low interest rates.

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While allocation to long-term bonds fell 11 per cent, other investment options, including alternative investments like peer-to-peer lending and cryptocurrency, grew 331 per cent, Robocash analysts said.

“In the future, it is assumed that the improvement of the welfare of Europeans will continue at the expense of financial derivatives and employee stock options. By 2030, their growth will amount to 73 per cent relative to the end of 2023. Long-term debt securities are in second place (+61 per cent),” they noted.

A previous study by Robocash found that the net wealth of European investors more than doubled during the 21st century.

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