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May 22, 2024
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A Tribute to John Byrne

Entertainment Earth has officially opened pre-orders for the highly anticipated DC Heroes Superman Black and Silver Version 1:8 Scale Statue, a collector’s piece that pays a striking homage to the legendary work of John Byrne. Limited to just 1,000 units and priced at US$84.99, this exclusive statue is set to ship in May, making it a coveted addition for DC fans and collectors alike.

An Iconic Design Reimagined

The Superman Black and Silver Version statue stands as a proud reimagination of the classic Superman persona. Crafted in a 1:8 scale, the statue measures an impressive 12 inches in height, capturing the essence of Superman in a bold, new light. This exclusive piece features Superman in his black regeneration suit, a significant nod to the ‘Reign of the Supermen’ storyline that followed the iconic ‘Death of Superman’ arc. Meticulously designed, the statue showcases the Man of Steel in a classic pose, exuding both strength and grace, encapsulated in high-quality materials that bring this dynamic portrayal to life.

A Tribute to John Byrne

John Byrne’s influence on the Superman legacy is undeniable. His work in the 1980s revitalized the character for a new generation, blending traditional Superman values with contemporary storytelling and artistry. This DC Heroes Superman Black and Silver Version 1:8 Scale Statue serves not only as a remarkable collector’s item but also as a tribute to Byrne’s enduring impact on the DC universe. Presented in a collector-friendly, full-color illustrated window box, this statue is a testament to the artistic and narrative depth that Byrne brought to Superman, making it a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors.

Secure Your Piece of DC History

With its limited availability, the DC Heroes Superman Black and Silver Version 1:8 Scale Statue represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of DC history. Collectors are encouraged to act swiftly to secure this exclusive statue. As it is expected to ship in May, anticipation is building among the DC community and beyond. This statue not only embodies the spirit of Superman but also celebrates the creative vision of John Byrne, offering fans a tangible connection to the rich tapestry of DC lore.

As this exclusive statue makes its way into the homes and hearts of collectors around the world, it stands as a powerful reminder of Superman’s lasting appeal and the creative genius of John Byrne. Its release sparks conversations about the evolution of iconic characters and the artists who shape them, inviting fans to explore the depths of their favorite superhero’s history. With each piece, the legacy of Superman and his impact on the world of comics is further cemented, ensuring that the Man of Steel continues to inspire for generations to come.

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