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February 27, 2024
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Pandora switches to recycled silver and gold


Jewellery brand Pandora is now sourcing only recycled silver and gold for its jewellery.

The shift in precious metals supply means the brand will avoid around 58,000 tons CO2 per year.

In 2020, Pandora set a target to source 100% recycled silver and gold by 2025, but has now reached the milestone earlier than expected due to a strong commitment from its suppliers.

All suppliers have had to switch their operations to source materials that are certified recycled according to the Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody, one of the strictest standards in the industry. In addition, more than 100 Pandora employees have been involved in the transition work.

Pandora now expects to make all new jewellery with 100% recycled silver and gold from the second half of 2024. In 2023, 97% of the silver and gold sourced for Pandora’s jewellery was recycled.

Pandora chief executive Alexander Lacik said: “Precious metals can be recycled forever without any loss of quality. Silver originally mined centuries ago is just as good as new, and improved recycling can significantly reduce the climate footprint of the jewellery industry.”


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