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Silver Age’s “Cataclysmic Showdown” Is Finally Here


  • Tensions between Miracleman and Young Miracelman reach a breaking point, setting up an explosive conflict.
  • Young Miracleman struggles to find his place in a modern world, breeding resentment towards Miracleman.
  • Miracleman has previously fought a former sidekick, but the motivations of Young Miracleman are more complex, potentially leading to redemption.

Warning: contains potential spoilers for Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham: The Silver Age #7!

The tensions brewing between Miracleman and Young Miracelman have come to a head, and a cataclysmic showdown is on the horizon. Miracleman’s former sidekick, Young Miracleman has struggled to find his place in a world that has moved on, which in turn has bred resentment. Now, in a preview for Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham: The Silver Age #7, the titular hero gets a callout from Young Miracleman, setting the stage for an explosive conflict.

The preview for Miracleman by Gaiman and Buckingham: The Silver Age #7, shared with AIPT, opens with Miraclewoman finding Miracleman searching for his former protégé. Suddenly, as the two are discussing strategy, Young Miracleman takes over the air waves, issuing a challenge to Miracleman. Young Miracleman tells Miracleman to meet him in “the Rose Red City.”

Miraclewoman is unsure of what this means, but Miracleman knows all too well what Young Miracleman is getting at, and sets out for Jordan.

Miracleman Has No Luck With Sidekicks

Miracleman Marvel Comics Returns

The saga of Miracleman is a fascinating one, both on page and off. The subject of a lengthy court battle, Miracleman is perhaps best known today as the book that launched Alan Moore’s career. Moore handed the reins off to Neil Gaiman, who revived Young Miracleman as part of his Golden Age series. Created as a Captain Marvel Jr. pastiche, Young Miracleman awakes to find himself no longer in the 1950s, and living in a cold and uncaring world. Unable to adjust to the harsh realities of modern living, he has slowly become unraveled, and after Miracleman tried to initiate a relationship with him, the former sidekick leaves.

This is not the first former sidekick Miracleman has had to fight. In Alan Moore’s original run on the character, Kid Miracleman infamously underwent a horrifying transformation. After Miracleman disappeared, his protégé went astray, developing new powers but also slowly losing his sanity. Using his powers, Kid Miracleman built up a corporate empire, one that Miracleman brought to the ground. Miracleman would fight him again one more time, beating him by the skin of his teeth. It was one of the most grueling fights of Miracleman’s career.


Alan Moore’s Miracleman Puts a Dark Twist on Shazam’s Iconic Power

Comic legend Alan Moore reinvented Shazam’s British equivalent, Miracleman, and gave him a horrific take on Billy Batson’s most notable trait.

Miracleman Is In For the Fight of His Life

Miracleman Marvel

And now history is seemingly about to repeat itself with Young Miracleman. While Miracleman will be fighting a former sidekick for the second time, the motivations that drive Young Miracleman are very different. Kid Miracleman was simply evil, with no redeeming value. On the other hand, Young Miracleman tried to be a hero and tried to live in the 20th and 21st centuries. Young Miracleman is a man out of time, making him far more complex, and opening the door to potential redemption. Regardless of the outcome, Miracleman is on a collision course with Young Miracleman, and it just might be the fight of his life.

Source: AIPT

Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham: The Silver Age #7 is on sale January 17 from Marvel Comics!

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