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Biblical Message Encrypted in BTC Block, Here’s What It Says

Bitcoin: Biblical Message Encrypted in BTC Block, Here's What It Says
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Twitter user and crypto enthusiast @pete_rizzo_ has published a post, sharing that one of Bitcoin’s blocks contains a reference to the Bible encrypted in it. This news got cryptocurrency fans in the comments under his tweet excited.

The tweet stated that there was a biblical message embedded in the 666,666th block of Bitcoin. The number 666 refers to the biblical “number of the beast,” hence, most likely, the choice of block number.

The screenshot published with the tweet shows a quotation from Romans 12:21, which says: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Jamie Dimon bashes Bitcoin in Davos

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan banking giant, targeted Bitcoin during the World Economic Forum in Davos this January. During his talk with CNBC Squawk Box hosts, Dimon stated that he prefers to call Bitcoin a “pet rock” and insists that the Bitcoin blockchain “does nothing,” unlike some other chains.

He repeated his earlier accusations that Bitcoin’s major use cases are to do with illegal activities, money laundering, etc. Last year, Dimon supported the anti-Bitcoin law proposed by senator Elizabeth Warren, leveling similar accusations at Bitcoin and its users.

Dimon does not believe in Bitcoin’s major virtue, scarcity. He stated that he does not know anyone who could confirm for a fact that BTC’s issue is indeed limited only to 21 million.

The Bitcoin community responded on Twitter, sending arrows of criticism at Dimon. Edward Snowden stated that he noticed a drastic change in Dimon’s attitude toward Bitcoin; after the spot Bitcoin ETF was approved, the JP Morgan CEO became more toxic about BTC.

Michael Saylor, Bitcoin evangelist and founder of MicroStrategy, posted an ironic tweet, responding to Dimon and his “pet rock” definition of Bitcoin. Samson Mow tweeted that if Dimon fears that BTC may disrupt the current banking system, then banks can just start embracing Bitcoin and offer their clients Bitcoin-based services. Some large banks are already beginning to do that.

Since the last Thursday, Bitcoin has been trading in a range between $42,400 and $43,420, striving to break through that resistance level. Overall, since Jan. 11, Bitcoin has lost 13.32% after the Bitcoin ETF approval.

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