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July 18, 2024
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Spot Bitcoin ETF Filers Labeled Opportunistic Cartels

John Reed Stark, a former enforcement officer with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has labeled spot Bitcoin ETF applicants as “opportunistic cartels” that are trying to capitalize on a product that has no inherent value.

John Reed Stark’s View of Spot Bitcoin ETF

There are a few opponents of a spot Bitcoin ETF product and as a general critic of the industry, John Reed Stark has shared his take on the industry’s most anticipated product. According to him, there is only one actual proven utility for crypto and that is its proficiency in sponsoring crime, money laundering, and other known human vices.

He believes the push for a spot Bitcoin ETF product is another avenue for fee-sucking by the billionaire banking financial giants pursuing this product. While mentioning no name, Stark is convinced that the likes of BlackRock, Grayscale Investments, and VanEck are manufacturing “a product to allow more investors to experience financial ruin and incalculable risk – just so they can once again line their pockets with fiat (and more fiat).”

He also noted that spot Bitcoin ETF are another Ponzi Scheme that is being marketed as a means to offer financial inclusion to the unbanked while in the real sense is an avenue to truly manifest predatory inclusion.

While the SEC veteran battered the prospects of a Bitcoin ETF, he noted that the claims the current market rally is an indication of the general market’s enthusiasm for the product is a “calculated and orchestrated ruse to dissemble.” 

Ultimately, he claims he is in support of the call by Better Markets that the markets regulator should deny all applications put forth thus far.

Counter-claims to John Reed Stark’s Position

Proponents of spot Bitcoin ETF see differently compared to John Reed Stark and other critics who have called out the SEC to deny the applications.

As reported earlier by Coingape, Matt Ahlborg, who has been studying the utility usage of crypto responded to the call from Better Markets that the SEC should reject spot Bitcoin ETF applications noting that crypto is not “socially useless.” 

Many market experts have identified Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a new frontier in financial evolution that can be properly harnessed if the right regulatory guidance is put in place. 

From BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, the top advocates for Bitcoin far outstrip the critics.

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