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Agreeing on economic challenges, new Finance Minister asks for time

Acknowledging that there are many challenges in the country’s economy along with development, the new Finance Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali on Sunday sought time for transition.

He said: “There are many challenges that need to be solved. Not all crises can be resolved overnight. Give us some time to understand things.”

On the evening of January 11, the cabinet of 36 members under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took oath. Due to the two-day weekend, they came to their respective offices in the Secretariat on the occasion of the first working day on Sunday.

On the first working day, the new finance minister exchanged views with four secretaries of the ministry and representatives of related departments and organizations in the conference room of the Ministry of Finance.

Agreeing with the recent statement of Bangladesh Bank Governor Abdur Rauf Talukder on the challenges of the economy, the finance minister said: “I agree with the challenges that the Bangladesh Bank governor has said, including inflation control, and liquidity crisis in banks. In that case, I need some time.”

He said: “There were challenges, there still are. We have to face this challenge and move forward. Many challenges need to be addressed. Not all crises can be resolved overnight. Give some time to understand things.”

The finance minister said that the Ministry of Finance will work together with the Ministry of Commerce to bring the price of goods within the purchasing power of the common people in the coming month of Ramadan.

He also sought the cooperation of media workers in this regard. The minister said: “Time should be given to control the price of goods during Ramadan. The finance ministry alone cannot control the price of goods. I will work in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce. Everything cannot be fixed overnight.”

This former diplomat also talked about money laundering. He said: “Work will be done to prevent money laundering. The value of money has decreased. That will also be worked on.”

Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali said: “If we all work together with honesty, efficiency, and responsibility, all problems can be solved very quickly.”

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