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March 2, 2024
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How can sustainable finance decarbonize the building sector?

What are some of the key achievements when it comes to sustainable finance at Holcim? 

In terms of sustainable financing, Holcim was a pioneer in the industry. We were the first company in the sector to successfully issue sustainability-linked bonds and the 5th company to do so worldwide. As of today, the group has more than 7 billion CHF of financing agreements linked to our sustainability objectives. 

Recognizing the important role of sustainable finance in supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, we have recently updated our financing framework into a sustainable finance framework allowing us to issue green bonds alongside sustainability-linked bonds to help us work towards our more ambitious climate goals. 

Our framework will further support transparency and accountability with regards to the Group’s environmental impacts and sustainability strategy vis-à-vis our investors, banks and other stakeholders in the market and society. 

Finally, at Holcim we are honored to be part of the CFO Coalition launched by the UN Global Compact to accelerate corporate finance actions and investments toward the realization of the SDGs.

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