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June 19, 2024
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Chief Minister announces pick for new Infrastructure Minister

DEPUTY Steve Ahier has been confirmed as the Chief Minister’s nominee for Infrastructure Minister following the resignation of Deputy Tom Binet earlier this week.

Deputy Binet left the government on the first working day of the new year as he brought a motion of no confidence against Chief Minister Kristina Moore.

Deputy Moore has now outlined how she wishes to replace Deputy Binet in both the short- and longer-term.

The functions of the Infrastructure Minister have been temporarily given to assistant ministers Deputies Lucy Stephenson and Ahier.

Should she survive the vote of no confidence, scheduled to take place on 16 January, Deputy Moore will immediately put forward Deputy Ahier as the next Infrastructure Minister. Other candidates may be nominated at the same time, after which the nominees will address the Assembly prior to a vote being taken.

Deputy Binet’s resignation after 18 months in his role followed a fractious relationship with Deputy Moore, who he criticised for presiding over a “depressing” culture.

The Chief Minister hit back, saying her former colleague had been unable to abide with the need for compromise among a diverse range of ministerial views.

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