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May 27, 2024
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Gölcük’s Health Infrastructure to Get Major Boost

Gölcük Set to Boost Healthcare with Two New Facilities

In the district of Gölcük, Turkey, Mayor Ali Yıldırım Sezer has personally overseen the progress of two significant health infrastructure projects – the Gölcük New State Hospital and the Düzağaç Family Health Center. Both projects aim to bolster the region’s healthcare capacity and are expected to open their doors soon.

Gölcük New State Hospital: A New Beacon of Health Care

Approaching its final stages of construction, the Gölcük New State Hospital stands as a testament to modern healthcare infrastructure. Spanning a massive 45,000 square meters, the hospital is a blend of technological advancement and robust design. With features such as 256 earthquake isolators, the hospital brings a new level of earthquake-resistant technology to the region. With 272 beds, 9 operating rooms, 62 polyclinics, and spread over 8 floors, the hospital is equipped to handle a variety of health needs.

The hospital’s services comprise of 35 intensive care beds, a 26 bed dialysis unit, 9 operating rooms catering to different specialties, 71 outpatient clinic rooms, 4 single-person delivery rooms, and a hyperbaric unit. In addition to its robust medical facilities, the hospital also provides parking for 500 vehicles, including 275 covered spaces.

Düzağaç Family Health Center: Strengthening Local Healthcare

Meanwhile, the Düzağaç Family Health Center is also nearing its completion. With its rough construction largely finished, the health center is set to accommodate 2 physicians and will also house the 112 Emergency Aid Service. This new center forms an important part of the district’s healthcare system, providing access to essential healthcare services to the local community.

Both these projects reflect Mayor Sezer’s commitment to enhancing the region’s health infrastructure. As the Gölcük New State Hospital and the Düzağaç Family Health Center near their completion, the residents of Gölcük and its surrounding areas stand to benefit from these advanced healthcare facilities in the near future.

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