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June 17, 2024
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More than 1,900 objects of cultural infrastructure of Ukraine suffer due to Russian aggression – Culture Ministry


Due to the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine, 1,907 cultural infrastructure facilities have already been damaged, according to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy continues to record damage to cultural infrastructure in Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression … 1,907 cultural infrastructure facilities were damaged, excluding cultural heritage monuments; 306 of them were destroyed (16%),” the ministry’s press service said.

According to the ministry, the total losses of cultural institutions of the state form of ownership are 23 objects (9%), and communal forms of ownership are 1,884 objects (6%).

It is noted that the cultural infrastructure suffered the greatest losses and damage in Donetsk, Kherson, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Luhansk and Zaporizhia regions and Kyiv.

In total, the following buildings were affected: club establishments – 923; libraries – 681; art education institutions – 145; museums and galleries – 106; theaters, cinemas and philharmonic halls – 35, parks, zoos, reserves – 14, circuses – three.

“It is worth noting that at the end of December 2023, almost the entire territory of Luhansk and significant parts of the territories of Kherson, Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions are still under temporary occupation. This makes it impossible to calculate the exact number of cultural infrastructure facilities damaged during the fighting and occupation,” the ministry noted.


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