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February 27, 2024
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Nvidia CEO Urges Countries To Build AI Infrastructure

Nvideo CEO Jensen Huang is urging countries to build out their AI infrastructure, saying attempts to fan AI fears are “a mistake.”

Nvidia is the leading AI chip firm, with its chips used across the industry. As a result, it’s no surprise that Huang is bullish on AI and countries’ need to adopt the tech.

According to Reuters, the CEO said countries need to move quickly to benefit from the tech, while simultaneously remaining in control of the infrastructure behind it.

“You cannot allow that to be done by other people,” Huang told the World Government Summit in Dubai.

“The rest of it is really up to you to take initiative, activate your industry, build the infrastructure, as fast as you can,” he added.

Huang said some were capitalizing on fear in an effort to convince others to rely on them to roll out infrastructure.

“There are some interests to scare people about this new technology, to mystify this technology, to encourage other people to not do anything about that technology and rely on them to do it. And I think that’s a mistake.”

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