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March 2, 2024
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Pickering City Council’s Key Decisions for Enhanced Infrastructure

Pickering City Council Moves to Bolster Infrastructure and Governance

In a move towards bolstering the infrastructure and governance of Pickering City, the Council convened on January 3, passing a series of pivotal decisions. The meeting, marked by a sense of urgency and purpose, saw the City Clerk, Milt Sovereign, securing approval for the purchase of up to four additional sewer pumps. Each pump, costing around $2,200, is aimed at rectifying the predominantly electrical failures hampering the current pumps.

Funding for Infrastructure

The funding for this infrastructural revamp is set to be sourced from the city’s American Recovery Act Fund, currently holding a balance of $31,861.39. The council further intends to channel the remaining funds towards enhancements of the city’s sewer systems and streets. This includes the removal of solids from septic tanks, a task set to align with frozen ground conditions. The council also endorsed the laying of gravel in specified areas as part of these improvements.

A Surprising Political Move

In a twist of local politics, Brennon Allen declared his intention to contest the city council elections as a write-in candidate. This unconventional move came after Allen failed to meet the filing deadline for the official election scheduled for April 2.

Legal Affairs on the Agenda

The meeting also underscored the impending visit of City Attorney Taryn Henry. The aldermen are gearing up to discuss a range of legal concerns, comprising the potential repeal of a 1997 city ordinance, ordinance infractions, and the management of fines and city legal fees.

Administrative Decisions and 2024 City Budget

The council gave the green light to the 2024 City Budget, which is based on the figures from 2023. This move was accompanied by discussions on other administrative issues such as the storage of the city’s past records, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ sewer customer charge, and annual fees for a bank safety deposit box and USPS postal box.

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