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Will continue to expose and destroy Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza Strip: IDF spokesperson

While addressing a press briefing on January 3, Hagari said, “Based on these intelligence agencies, these actions by Hamas, are an indication of Hamas’ terror activity and how they cynically take advantage of hospitals for terror and also for holding hostages. We will continue to expose and destroy Hamas’ terror infrastructure in all of the Gaza Strip, with an emphasis on Khan Yunis, just as we did with the infrastructure in Shifa Hospital.”

He stated that Israeli forces will continue to operate underground in Khan Yunis and noted that the operation will take time. He said Israel will continue to expand operations.

Speaking about Israel’s counter-offensive against Hamas, Daniel Hagari said, “In Gaza, in Khan Yunis, our forces continue to operate underground. This operation takes time, both for our forces’ safety and because we use classified and new methods. We do not want to reveal our combat methods to the enemy.”

“This operation will take time, and we will conduct it thoroughly in Khan Yunis until we reach all the necessary places. This fight is against terrorists, both underground and above ground. Even today, we killed terrorists in the area. We will continue to expand this operation,” he added.

He said Israeli forces are attacking and destroying production sites and added that they are dealing with the threat of explosives in Khan Yunis and other regions.

Daniel Hagari said, “In the central camps, we continue to strike. There is a significant operation there and terrorists are killed daily. This is alongside our forces locating and identifying production sites. These sites, where Hamas produces and assembles rockets, some are located underground with significant manufacturing machinery, including some from other countries, including Iran.”

“The production sites are being attacked and destroyed, as happened today. Our forces are dealing with the threat of explosives in Khan Yunis and other areas. Our forces are dealing with terrorists roaming the area, running towards our forces, or placing explosives in the streets or trying to attack tanks and armoured personnel carriers,” he added.

He said that Israeli forces on Wednesday identified a terrorist attempting to attach an explosive to a tank. He said that Israeli forces directed an aircraft that struck him from the air, and three additional terrorists involved in the operation were also killed. He noted that international media outlets have reported that international intelligence agencies, particularly those in the US, support the findings we exposed from the Shifa Hospital.

Earlier on Wednesday, IDF said Israeli soldiers in Gaza discovered a tunnel shaft located inside a school, the Israel Defence Forces. The tunnel was discovered by the 5th Brigade’s combat team in the southern Gaza area of Khirbet Ahza.

The forces also found photos of weapons geared for children. A photo released by the IDF showed various mortars, grenades and bullets inside the school. During the military operation in Khirbet Ahza, forces also raided Hamas observation posts and positions where terror squads fired anti-tank rockets. In the northern Gaza area of Tupah, soldiers eliminated a terror squad operating aerial drones to observe the Israeli forces. (ANI)

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