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May 22, 2024
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Property: 10 parts of UK where house prices could rise by up to £94,000 by the end of the year

House prices have crept up in recent months and some areas could see the cost of homes rise by more than 20 per cent before the end of 2024.

This means value could increase by as much as £94,000 on an average home in these areas.

Property prices are constantly changing and Britons will want to know the value of their home is going up.

Data by easyMoney looked at current house prices in areas across the UK and how much this has changed to predict how much more money a property could be worth in the next six to seven months.

For sale signs

Some areas could see the value increase by more than £90,000


Areas with the highest projected growth in the UK

East Renfrewshire – 23.2 per cent

Hinckley and Bosworth – 20.1 per cent

Tewkesbury – 18.2 per cent

Derbyshire Dales – 17.8 per cent

Bolton – 17.6 per cent

West Dunbartonshire – 17.4 per cent

West Lothian – 17.1 per cent

West Lancashire – 16.8 per cent

Cumberland – 16.3 per cent

Melton – 16 per cent

The research predicted homes in East Renfrewshire could increase 23.2 per cent, or £68,127, and those in Hinckley and Bosworth could increase by 20.1 per cent, or £58,563.

While homes in Elmbridge did not make the list of the biggest percentage rises, it has the largest projected price increase in the UK.

Its properties are predicted to increase by 14 per cent, which equates to a whopping £94,570 based on the price of an average home in the area.

CEO of easyMoney Jason Ferrando said: “After such consistent upward growth, followed by a period of stagnation, it looks to be a far more settled year for the housing market, with property values expected to remain largely flat in 2024.

Front of house UK

Property values have crept up in recent months


“But as is so often the case, you can’t judge a market by its topline statistics. Instead, you have to dive down into the local market data to discover that price performance in certain parts of Britain could be far from flat as we move through the year.

“For anyone who is looking to invest in property this year, it’s useful to know which parts of the country are bucking the national trend.

“Although it can be far less time consuming to opt for an investment vehicle where market experts have already done the hard work in identifying these up and coming investment hotspots.”

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