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Global Jews seek home in Israel: Is the nation ready?

Rising trend: Despite the challenging times we face, with the war escalating and antisemitism rampant worldwide, there is also a growing awakening of Zionism. Jews around the world are now seeking a home in Israel, with Ministry of Aliyah and Absorption data showing a substantial increase in the number of new immigration files opened since the war began. This surge is also reflected in the rising interest of foreign residents in new housing projects in Israel, moving beyond luxury apartments for vacations and holidays.

However, as we celebrate the strengthening of the global Zionist movement, an important question arises: Will there be enough apartments in Israel to accommodate this influx of immigrants? This concern arises as the rental market faces limitations, construction declines due to the war, and young couples remain undecided, waiting for the opportune moment to purchase their first home. Though the recent decline in prices may be temporary due to foreign residents investing substantial funds, it remains uncertain if it can adequately address the housing demand.

The Ministry of Aliyah report states, “After a significant decrease in the number of immigrants to Israel in 2023, mainly due to the war in Ukraine, approximately 62.5 thousand new immigrants arrived in Israel in 2022, with the majority coming from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.” It highlights the notable growth in new immigration cases since the outbreak of the war, including a significant increase in applications from France and North America, with approximately 500% and 120% respective rises in the number of opened immigration cases. From the beginning of the war with Hamas until the first week of January, Israel received 4,783 new immigrants.

While the data suggests that the primary driving force for immigration is Zionism rather than fear of antisemitic events, it acknowledges that the latter is undoubtedly a significant catalyst for the process. This emphasizes the need for readiness on the part of the state and contractors to accommodate the increasing number of Jews seeking a home in Israel.

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