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Malaysian Real estate firm sacks property agent over discriminatory remarks towards Indians, Punjabis

Malaysian Real estate firm sacks property agent over discriminatory remarks towards Indians, Punjabis

The agent Alan Chia issued video apology (right) after the woman posted screenshots of her chat with him on social media. Source: X

A recent incident involving a Malaysian woman and a real estate agent has ignited public outrage and condemnation online.

Last week, Kalvin took to social media to share her unsettling experience while house hunting, revealing that the agent, identified as Alan Chia, made a racial remark upon learning about her ethnicity.

Initially responding positively to her inquiry, Chia’s attitude changed drastically when Kalvin disclosed her Indian and Punjabi background. He explicitly expressed a refusal to deal with individuals from these communities, prompting Kalvin to share her disapproval on social media.

The post quickly gained widespread attention, leading IQI Global, the real estate agent’s company, to conduct an investigation.

In their official response, the company stated that Chia had been terminated based on the investigation’s findings and his admission to the discriminatory remarks.

“We are strongly opposed to any form of discrimination and will continue to respond to it strongly,” the company asserted in their statement.

Following his termination, Chia issued a public apology on social media, expressing regret and acknowledging the gravity of his actions. In the message, he extended apologies to the Malaysian community, specifically to Indians, Punjabis, and Kalvin.

Kalvin, in response to the apology, expressed her satisfaction, emphasising that her intention was not to defame Chia but to convey a strict message against racial remarks.

“Glad he did apologise. I didn’t intend to defame him as I understand he has his whole life ahead to earn a living. But I wanted to convey a strict message that racial remarks are not acceptable and never will be acceptable.”

She highlighted the importance of property agents conducting business without personal biases and encouraged others facing discrimination to lodge complaints with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents, and Property Managers (BOVAEP).

Published on: January 17, 2024 11:29:32 IST

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