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How To Get Gold Coins And What To Do With Them

Most video games have some form of in-game currency you can use to buy various items and Palworld is no exception. In this particular case, the currency goes by the name of Gold Coins and can be traded at merchants in exchange for schematics, Pals, and an assortment of other goods.

You’re bound to get your hands on a few Gold Coins just by wandering around the game world, slaying creatures, and interacting with every object you come across. However, a mere handful of coins won’t buy you much in this game. If you want to learn how to reliably farm Gold Coins in Palworld, keep reading because we’ll cover all the methods down below.

How To Get Gold Coins From Chests

Palworld gold coins from chests

As you explore the Palpagos Islands you’ll occasionally run into chests hidden in small alcoves, behind bushes, or sometimes even sitting in plain sight. You can interact with these chests to open them and gain access to treasures within, which typically include things like rare materials, Pal Spheres, Gold Coins, and more. These chests respawn at regular intervals, so once you’ve found one you can mark its location on your map and check back later to loot it again.

Chests come in several variants, some rarer than others. While basic chests don’t require any special items to open, rare ones need to be unlocked using Copper and Silver Keys. The most reliable way of getting some of these Keys is to successfully defend your base against raiders. Do that, and you’ll almost always be rewarded with a Key or two for your efforts. Coincidentally, some of the raiders have a chance of dropping Gold Coins as well.

How To Get Gold Coins From Pals

Palworld Gold Coins from Pals

Just in case the name of the game wasn’t a dead giveaway, pretty much everything in Palworld revolves around Pals, the lovable creatures that bear more than a passing resemblance to certain pocket monsters you may be familiar with. Among other things, Pals can be used to passively farm Gold Coins, provided you manage to capture the right species, of course.

Out of all the Pals in Palworld, Mau and its crystalline variant, Mau Cryst, are the only ones that come with the Gold Digger skill, which enables them to periodically find Gold Goins when assigned to your base. Keep in mind that the creatures will find the coins, but they won’t bring them to you. However, if you have another Pal with the Transporting trait assigned to your base, they will pick up the Gold and bring it to the closest container. Alternatively, you can simply pick the Gold Coins off the ground yourself.

If passive Gold farming isn’t your thing, you can always take a more active approach to acquiring Coins. Mau, Direhowl, and Vanwyrm are the only three types of Pals that drop Gold Coins when defeated or captured. If you find one of these Pals in the wild, don’t hesitate to engage them in order to make a quick buck.


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How To Get Gold Coins From Merchants

Palworld Gold Coins merchants

Merchants are very interested in your Gold Coins, but they don’t mind parting with their own if you can make it worth their while. If you have a bunch of excess materials or Pals you no longer need, you can sell them to a merchant for a nice pile of Gold Coins. As you might imagine, rare and high-level Pals sell for more Gold Coins than common species. That said, it’s probably a good idea to think twice before you start selling off all your best Pals.

If you’re looking to buy, on the other hand, you’ll find that certain merchants carry some pretty powerful Pals with them, although they tend to be quite expensive. Same goes for most of the other items they have in stock. There’s a place fairly close to the starting area known simply as Small Settlement where you can find a few merchants. Simply head west from the Grassy Behemoth Hills Fast Travel marker and you’ll run into it in no time. There’s also a Wandering Merchant that comes into your base near the start of the game, but at that stage, you probably won’t have enough Gold Coins to buy much, if anything.


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